Inspiring Stories about Personal Transformation
from Top Wellness Warriors!

Jeanette Ortega along with a powerhouse group of fellow Wellness Warriors, including Dragan Trajkovski, B Real, Nicole Zapoli, Cesar Martinez, Karen Elaine, Chris Shah, Dani Lau, Mike Messina, Kate Tyler, Donald Padilla, Donna Krech, Dr. Karl Jawhari, Jackie VanCampen, Jason Johnson, Angelica Perman, Karen Desouches, Tim Cole, Kate Purtle, Linda Okwor, Vince Pena, Lynn Heubach, Troy Hoffman, Meredith Kramer, Don Schneider, Shkira Singh, and Kyle Wilson, approach fitness from the Mind, Body and Spirit!

Jeanette and the Winner of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Frontman of Cypress Hill, International Kickboxing Champions, Fitness Competitors, Nutrition and Weight Loss Experts, Marines, and more, share their authentic, from-the-heart stories of remarkable life transformations. This book will touch and relate to exactly what the reader may be going through in their fitness journey of mind, body, or soul with powerful tips and inspiration on how to get through obstacles they encounter and come out the other side more determined and validated than ever.

This book is not just a compilation of feel good, life has always been great, here is my best day on social media stories. No, what you are about to read are some very gritty, from the heart, often born out of adversity, stories that promise to inspire and make you better!

See where your heart takes you. See if you see yourself in the wellness warriors sharing their struggles, their victories, their lessons. You will be moved! You will be lifted up! You will be inspired!


The Little Black Book of Fitness is a very big book of inspiration, heart, and wellness. This gem is an extension of Jeanette's passion for her work, her clients, and her life mission. I have no doubt that it will bless, change, and inspire many to rise to the occasion of not only health and wellness, but also purpose.
Holly Carter
Executive Producer & CEO of Releve Entertainment
...a must have for everyone that will recharge your physical, emotional, and spiritual battery. The Little Black Book of Fitness is one you will have forever as your go to guide. Jeanette Ortega is a powerhouse of positivity, and her love of fitness will inspire you to make the adjustments to your current physical and emotional routine you need.
Jenni Pulos
Executive Producer and Co-Star of Bravo's Flipping Out, Actress, Author, Rapper
The Little Black Book of Fitness connects powerful personal stories with tips, strategies, and ideas so the reader is inspired to their own track of getting fit. Each author brings their perspective and experience. I discovered long ago, learning from what others have gone through and extracting their learning improves my life. This compelling book is a gem for me!
Bob Choat
Founder, Producer and Host of “The School of Transformation” podcast and author of Mind Your Own Fitness
The Little Black Book of Fitness is a transformational journey of uplifting motivation. The insights and tools in this book encouraged me to step up my game, increase my focus, and go for the best! I highly recommend. A life-changing inspiration.
Kim Somers Egelsee
#1 Bestselling Author of Living the Ten+ Life and TEDx Speaker
These amazing stories demonstrate that being truly healthy is not just physical, but also encompasses mind, body, and soul for optimal performance and achievement of our goals. Better titled "The Big Black Book" due to its comprehensive information, this book will teach you it is never too late for change, growth, confidence, and peace at any age.
Kelley Shaw
Business Professional, Fitness Competitor, Instructor, and Champion of Change at Any Age
Such an inspiring collection of stories. The Little Black Book of Fitness connects you to the joy of living beyond all expectations. If you want to feel and live better, read this book.
Kanika N. Utley
Author Stay Bold, Publisher BFW Magazine: Beauty, Fitness & Wellness for Women

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